About The Fund

This Scholarship Fund has been established to honor Ron’s legacy and the confidence he had in the potential of young people.  He taught all of his athletes and students to consistently work as hard as they could while leading and positively influencing those around them.

The scholarship committee is looking to reward student-athletes who excel in their respective sport (s) and who demonstrate their ability to overcome challenges and/or personal obstacles to lead and inspire others to achieve success. 

One male and one female athlete will each receive $1,000.00 to put towards their education at the post-secondary institution of their choice.   As well, two additional winners will receive $500.00. Checks will be made out and sent directly to the admissions office of the school indicated.



   Mary O'Neil , Sally Reed, Payton Meuwissen, Mikayla Torfin, Seth Schnicker, Nick Kanitz


   Lily DenHartog, Robert Wilson, Sharon Lin, Evelyn Barczak, Issa Eng, Ian Feagler, Kylie Hanley


   Emma Roth,  Kyla Kristal, Kevin Kirk & Andrew Shirley


   Lauren Feagler & Carston Henke


    Margaret Stelsent & Adam Tarshish